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Upcoming Events:

Legislative Breakfast:

Date and Time: June 14th, 2024 @ 8 a.m.

Location: American Legion Post 328, 3888 Old Hammer Rd., Norco, CA 92860

Presentation #1:  Mr. Travis Lidstrom, Outreach Specialist of VA Vet Center, Corona 

Topic: “All About VA Vet Centers”   
-    Eligibility
-    Services
-    VBA Benefits Explanation & Referral
-    …and much more

Presentation #2:  “Women Veterans Recognition Ceremony” Calling all Women Veterans  

Please come out to be honored & recognized, as we did last year! 

Submit for your certificates:  

The Legislative Breakfast is "Open to the Public", Attedance is Free, and refreshments will be provided

Point of Contact: Artie Allen - 301-364-8040 Cell or [email protected]

The Veterans Advisory Committee (VAC) was established by County Resolution #79-214 (superseded by Resolution #2001-322) to:

  • Keep the Board of Supervisors informed of problems affecting veterans and advising the Board of appropriate action to resolve such problems.
  • Help unify veterans groups in the overall interest of all veterans of Riverside County.
  • Serve as the basic support group for the Riverside National Cemetery.
  • Assist in the orderly return of veterans to civilian life by protecting their rights while they are uniform.
  • Advise and assist the County Veterans’ Service Office in the rehabilitation of veterans through existing employment services, education, insurance, housing and hospitalization programs and other veterans benefits.
  • Act as a liaison between veterans and county government in conjunction with the Veterans' Service Officer.
  • Keep the public aware of the problems and needs of veterans who fought and served to preserve our way of life.

Committee Composition:

  • 5 Supervisorial Appointees
  • 6 At-Large Members
  • 1 Ex Officio Member (Chairman, Riverside National Cemetery Support Committee)
  • Any “Medal of Honor” Recipients (Honorary Voting Members)
  • Staff Advisor is the Director of the Riverside County Department of Veterans’ Services

Monthly Meeting:

Every 1st Thursday of the month at 6 p.m. (excluding July). Locations vary throughout Riverside County or via Zoom online when announced. Scheduled for 1 hour duration. Open-to-the-public.

Annual Steering Committee:

The month of July, closed-session, usually 1 ½ to 2 hours duration.
Develop the monthly meeting schedule for the next 12 months.
Propose, discuss and assign future projects (i.e. Events, Trips, Tours).
Election of Chairman, Vice Chairman and any nominated At-Large vacancies to be filled.
Review nominations and for the David Goldware “Friend of the Veteran Award” (Individual and Business).

Legislative Breakfast Project:

Every 2nd Friday of the month @ 8am (excluding November and January), open to the-public. Speaker presentations/Q&A run 1 hour+ in duration. The venue is reserved for 2 hours for networking opportunities.

David Goldware "Friend of the Veteran" Award Program:


  • The “Individual Award” is made annually to a Riverside County resident who, while working as a volunteer has made a lasting contribution to the health and welfare of veterans; and, is patriotic, selfless, loyal and held in high esteem by the community; and, has worked effectively and tirelessly serving veterans or promoting veterans’ causes. The nominee is patriotic, selfless, loyal and held in high esteem by the community; and has worked effectively and tirelessly serving veterans or promoting veterans’ causes.


  • The “Business” Award is made annually to a public, private, or not-for-profit business which has demonstrated exemplary service to veterans or has gone above and beyond the call of duty in promoting veterans’ causes. Nominees for the business award must either be headquartered within Riverside County or affect a significant number of Riverside County veterans. Government and commercial entities must not have “service to veterans” as its primary mission (e.g. the VA would not be eligible). Must direct the activities for which it is being nominated specifically to veterans, separate from any promotions or benefits made available to the general public.

The awards are voted on by the VAC in the summer and then presented in November by the Riverside County Board of Supervisors.

Supervisorial Appointees

Michael L. Sheehan

Albert R. Mendoza Sr.

District I
Donald Farmer

Donald Farmer

U.S. AIR FORCE (Retired)
District II
Arthur "Artie" Allen

Arthur "Artie" Allen III (Chairman)

District III
Michael L. Sheehan

Steven J. Waggoner

U.S. NAVY (Veteran)
District IV

Anita  Worthen

U.S. ARMY (Spouse)
District  V

At Large Appointees

Richard Chalupnik

Richard Chalupnik

Michael L. Sheehan

William Corr

U.S. ARMY (Retired)
Ray Parker

Ray Parker

U.S. NAVY (Veteran)
Michael L. Sheehan

Guillermo Valdez

U.S. NAVY (Retired)




John Z. Hernandez

John Hernandez






Eve Markovich

U.S. NAVY (Veteran)